How do I Get on the Eligible Riding List?

For initial qualifications and promotions,the following documents are submitted by your crew OIC/Lead electronically to [email protected].

Don’t fill out a hardcopy qualification worksheet as all the paper copies are obsolete – it’s all now done electronically.) –

  1. Badge Number
  2.  Copy of your Driver’s license (if you have one)
  3.  Copies of your NIMS certificates (IS-100, 200, 700)
  4.  Copy of CPR Card or class roster – Must be BLS/ Healthcare Provider CPR/AED.
  5. Copy (or at least the date) of the completed Bloodborne Pathogens training form – blanks are in the cabinet in the radio room.
  6. Copy of MFRI Hazmat Certificate.

Copy of MFRI Firefighter 1 Certificate
Copy of your Maryland EMT card (Not the MFRI Class certificate)

Promotions – If you are already on the eligible database, only the new documentation is needed (submitted electronically to [email protected]) –

  1.  To go from PFF to PFF/AT – a copy of your Maryland EMT card.
  2.  To go from AT to PFF/AT – a copy of MFRI Firefighter 1 certificate and have completed FIT Test at air shop.
  3.  PFF/AT to Firefighter 1 – a Firefighter I Proboard Certificate  (not the MFRI Certificate) or Transcript AND a copy of Maryland EMT card
  4.  To Firefighter 2 – a Firefighter II Proboard Certificate (not the MFRI one) or Transcript AND a copy of Maryland EMT card
  5.  To be added as an Ambulance Driver (ATDA) – Need a Driver’s license AND MFRI EVOC Certificate.